the future looks bright


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i forgot how to school

Anonymous said: omg such mean anons. don't let them get to you, sally. who cares if you know how to have fun? everyone hangs out during summer and at least you know how to balance your time wisely. i doubt those anons will go far in life if they can't even balance work and leisure in high school. with your grades + extracurriculars, i'm sure you'll get into the college of your dreams! ;)

its ok, anon msgs dont bother me!!
but nonetheless thank you so much for the encouragement hehe ^____^




look at dis rolly baby



look at dis rolly baby


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Tumblr on We Heart It.


Tumblr on We Heart It.

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Anonymous said: sally u da real mvp


Anonymous said: close up pic of your feet showing clearly your 10 toes please.

LOOOOOOL?????? no ty

Anonymous said: You try so hard to maintain a certain image on social media and everything. And your fashion is not that great

you are entitled to your opinion, but i think i should make it clear that i act this way and dress this way for myself. basically idc if you dont like me for who i am or what i wear its irrelevant to me

Anonymous said: hi sally! how do you get your hair so naturally wavy? do you french braid your hair? thanks :)

while i air dry my hair i keep my hair twisted (away from my face) and it turns out wavy ^__^

Anonymous said: Have you ever think about your future? Facebook is mostly cluttered with photos of you, Rona, Shelby eating out at restaurants on a daily basis and modeling with random guys who are photographers without stable incomes. That kind of lifestyle is going to be impossible to maintain once you get into college. You probably didn't do anything other than go to the beach and eat this summer. Your parents aren't going to give you money forever. Grow up, or feel the pain later in college.

hi anon thanks for caring about my future i guess.
but you must not know me if you think i’m careless or lazy. my parents aren’t rich—i spend my money carefully. yeah sure i hang out once in a while, but i do know my priorities. i have pretty darn good grades in school, and i’ve finished more than half of my college essays this summer so shut the fuck up and mind your own business thanks.

also your grammar sucks

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